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Pet Travel Safety

On 30 Mar, 2016

DVM-TRAVEL2Going on vacation? Read up on these travel safety tips to make sure your trip goes smoothly for you and your pets.

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Senior Pets

On 28 Feb, 2016

DVM-SeniorPets1As pets age, their body chemistries change and their healthcare needs do too.

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Parasite Prevention

On 30 Jan, 2016

DVM-Parasites2Parasites living in your pet’s body are not only unseemly, they can cause serious health issues

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First Aid

On 30 Dec, 2015

DVM-FIRSTAID1As a pet owner, it’s important to know some basic first aid in case your loved one is ever in need of aid.

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Fire Safety

On 30 Nov, 2015

DVM-Firesafety-750x808Being aware of how to prevent and respond to fires is life saving information.

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Exercise for Pets

On 30 Oct, 2015

DVM-EXERCISE-2Exercise keeps pets healthy and happy!

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Common Pet Emergencies

On 30 Sep, 2015

DVM-CommonEmergencies-750x871Being able to recognize and respond to emergency situations can be the difference when your finds themselves in a potentially life threatening situation.

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Bloat/Twisted Stomach

On 30 Aug, 2015

DVM-Bloat-750x808Gastric dilatation is a serious health condition that causes a dog’s stomach to turn in a dangerous way.

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Adopt a pet

On 30 Jul, 2015

DVMAdopt-750x808There are millions of homeless pets out there that will never know the love and compassion of an owner. Adopt a shelter pet!

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Dental Care

On 30 Jun, 2015

Dental-copyDental disease is the #1 illness that affects our pets.

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